Young Valkyries

Women's Only Self Defence

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Tuesday's 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Fall Session: September 10th - November 26th

Winter Session: January 7 - March 31 (no class March 17)

Spring Session: April 7 - June 23rd


Young Valkyries

12-Weeks (Tuesday's) |  6:00pm-7:30pm  |  Teen Girls 12-17

Our 12-week Young Valkyries Training is inspired by Norse mythology and teaches young girls how to find strength and confidence within themselves. We offer female teenagers (and teenagers who identify as female) a fun, safe, and inclusive environment to help validate, support, educate, and train to be their strongest, most authentic selves, and to help them value who they are from within, rather than seeking external validation.

By the end of the 12-weeks, each Young Valkyrie will:

  • Have more confidence and trust in her own instincts and intuition;
  • Be capable of defending herself physically should she ever be in a compromising position; and
  • Understand how to identify and shield herself from negative influences
  • Know how to Identify and stop limiting beliefs 
  • Separate herself from the comparisons and judgements of others
  • and much more...

Young Valkyries Training provides teenage girls with the opportunity to strengthen and empower their minds, bodies, and souls in a variety of fun ways, reconnecting them with the root of who they are as capable, courageous, and resilient young women.

Throughout the 12 weeks participants get to play with youth friendly swords and shields (because it’s fun and it connects them with a non conscious source of personal power and capabilities as young warriors), learn basic self Defence concepts and moves to help protect against bullies and/or other common threats, we talk about boundaries and having and using our voices, we learn different meditations that can be done at home or anywhere, and we also throw axes at our safe targets for fun as a great way to relieve stress and anxieties (parental permission required). This class is all about feeling confident and strong in a holistic way.

Young Valkyries Workshops cover a range of topics and exercises, including:

  • Practical Self-Defense strategies against potential threats
  • Assessment and awareness of surroundings;
  • Trusting in intuition;
  • Personal boundary setting;
  • Disassociation from other people's projections;
  • Comparisons and the negative impact that has on self-confidence;
  • Simple meditation techniques to manage fears and anxieties
  • (optional) axe throwing to promote fun & focused attention

At the end of the 12-weeks each new Young Valkyries will receive a custom & locally made sword pendant, certificate of completion and create their very own empowering Warrior Wellness Shield.

"This summer my mom signed me up for the Young Valkyrie workshop in July. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I really enjoyed how the instructors took time with each of the students and individually. Beth’s extra time with me made me feel very accepted and made this whole experience 10 times better. When you stepped into the building you knew that you would feel welcomed and that it would be a good place to learn. I also really liked learning all the sword and shield and the self-defence moves. I still practice the moves we learnt." - Charlotte K

"My daughter has really benefitted from her Young Valkyries class.  She loves learning how to fight with a sword and shield, and loves that the conversations she has in class are confidential.  She feels comfortable sharing and loves being a “shield maiden in training”.  I’ve noticed a big difference in her self-confidence.  As she prepares to start high school this fall, I feel so much better about her ability to handle whatever crap may come her way.  In a world where bullying is prevalent, especially online, I know that she has the skills and abilities to protect her mind and emotions as well as the ability to stand up for others." - Elizabeth L 

Beth Sturdevant

Beth Sturdevant

Empowerment / Mindfullness / Self-Defence Faciliitator


WOTL Founder Beth Sturdevant found her Warrior spirit by facing various hardships and learning to tap into the power and courage she held inside her heart and soul.  

Like many people, Beth's journey has been wrought with many life battles. Yet through it all—even the darkest of times—her inner warrior kept her alive and fighting for the best parts of herself and gave her strength to keep moving beyond everything that tried to pull her down.

​It was this inner Warrior Spirit that led Beth to follow her own path of intense healing and personal reconciliation, which inevitably brought her to pursue her soul’s passion and purpose in helping others embrace and enhance their warrior spirits, through teaching and in founding Warriors of the Light.

Credentials and Experience:

  • Strong Orange Violence Prevention Facilitator 2019

  • Sword and Shield, Teaching Assistant & Training (2016-2018)

  • Teaching Assistant, AngelFire Healing Training Program, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2018-2020)

  • Professional 2-year Shamanism Training Program, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2017-2019)

  • 2-year Angelfire Healing Training Program, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2015-2017)

  • Reiki Practitioner, Master Certification

  • Certified Personal Trainer (2003-2018)​

Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

Street : 9 Capella Court, Nepean

Email :

Phone : +613.842.0272