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Sword and Shield Level I is open to novice and intermediate participants who want to have fun, feel fierce while learning fundamental techniques and skills of Viking inspired sword and shield training.

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sword and shield

Co-ed  |  Ages 14+  |  Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Warriors of the Light Academy Sword and Shield I Training is open to both new participants and returning students who want to continue to sharpen their fundamental skills and conditioning. Its focus is on our primary weapons; the Sword and Shield, and its founding model draws inspiration from the archetypal Viking warriors in their legendary depiction, armed with a double-edged, single-handed sword capable of cleaving blows and a large, round shield.

These are introductory classes; the overall goal is progressive improvement with basic techniques as we seek to develop the coordinated use of the sword and shield together.

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Andy Keyworth

Andy Keyworth


A lifelong martial arts student, Andy is the head instructor of our Sword-and-Shield classes, and the developer of Warrior Legacy Martial Arts Program.

Andy regards historical personal combat and martial arts as a way to touch the “warrior spirit”— understanding part of the skills, mindset, and training that warriors in different cultures must have experienced that enabled them to survive conflict; and drawing lessons for today. 

Andy brings a deep knowledge of martial arts and warrior cultures to his classes, and believes that rigorous training in martial arts can help people today to overcome modern obstacles.

​Credentials and Experience​:
  • 20+ years’ experience in martial arts including Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Indigenous/Colonial American and European styles
  • Holds the rank of Yondan (4th dan) in the Jinenkan, and serves as the only Canadian Shibu-Cho ("district leader")
  • Trained in tomahawk, bowie knife, war club, long sword, cane, and archery
  • Associate Instructor of Martial Blade Concepts, a system of small personal-knife use and defense, as well as empty-hand tactics
  • Has taught martial arts and combatives seminars to civilians and police personnel across Canada; and in San Diego, New York City, Sweden, and Japan.

Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

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