Irish Stick Fighting

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irish stick fighting

Thursdays 6pm  |  Ages 14+  |  Co-ed  |  8 Week Program

Irish Stick Fighting (bataireacht) is a centuries old form of Martial Arts from Ireland, which uses the Shillelagh (stick) as a form of self-defence.  Modern interest in the Bataireacht has increased over the years and given rise to this nearly extinct martial art, especially as a modern form of self-defense today.  Kept by the Ramsey family of Antrim, this style is a truly no-nonsense approach to stick fighting using the concepts that made Irish fighters so formidable. Forged in the crucible of the factions, it uses a walking stick length shillelagh in a variety of grips and adapts easily to a multitude of situations, be it close quarters, against armed or unarmed assailants or even multiple opponents. 

Maxime Chouinard


Maxime Chouinard

Maistir Maxime Chouinard has been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years, including Kyokushin Karate, Ryukyu Kobudo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, fencing and Kenjutsu (Shinkendo, Toyama Ryu and Niten Ichi Ryu) which he has taught for 14 years.  Maxime traveled to Ireland in 2007 where he learned Antrim Bata, a traditional style of Bataireacht or Irish stick from Northern Ireland. He since became the technical director or Ardmaistir of the style. 

Maxime works as a museum professional and has been researching the history of martial arts since 2002. He practices Historical European Martial arts such as pugilism, Mexican Bowie, la canne and baton, as well as sabre and broadsword fencing. 

Credentials and Experience​:

  • Ardmáistir Antrim Bata (Irish stick fighting)

  • Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu (Japanese swordsmanship) instructor

  • Shinkendo (Japanese swordsmanship) Instructor

  • Canne de Combat - Red Pommel

  • 19th century martial arts expert

  • Trained in Kyokushin Karate, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Ryukyu Kobujutsu, Awrology

  • B.A. Archaeology - Laval University

  • M.A. Honours Cultural Heritage - Deakin University

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