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beth-sturdevantFounder & Instructor; Sheldmaiden I & II, Inner Warrior Training, Teen Warriors Training, Trauma Sensitive Support Program


WOTL Founder/CEO Beth Sturdevant found her Warrior spirit by facing various hardships and learning to tap into the power and courage she held inside her soul.  

Like many people, Beth's journey has been wrought with many life battles. Yet through it all—even the darkest of times—her inner warrior kept her alive and fighting for the best parts of herself and gave her strength to keep moving beyond everything that tried to pull her down.

​It was this inner Warrior Spirit that led Beth to follow her own path of intense healing and training, which inevitably brought her to pursue her soul’s passion and purpose in helping others embrace and enhance their warrior spirits, by teaching and founding Warriors of the Light.

Credentials and Experience:

  • ​Strong Orange Violence Prevention Facilitator (2019- )
  • "The Way of the Medicine Keeper", Professional 2-year Shamanism Training Program, Intermediate Level, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2019-2021)
  • Sword and Shield, Teaching Assistant & Instructor (2016- )
  • Teaching Assistant, AngelFire Training Program, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2018-2019)
  • "Earning the Light", Professional 2-year Shamanism Training Program, Beginner Level, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2017-2019)
  • 2-year Angelfire Training Program, The 8th Fire School of Shamanism (2015-2017)
  • Reiki Practitioner, Master Level (2013- )
  • Certified Personal Trainer (2003-2018)​
  • Bachelor of Education, University of Ottawa, 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts, San Francsicso Conservatory of Music, 2001

andy keyworthInstructor; Sword and Shield


A lifelong martial arts student, Andy is the founding instructor of our Sword-and-Shield classes.

Andy regards historical personal combat and martial arts as a way to touch the “warrior spirit”— understanding part of the skills, mindset, and training that warriors in different cultures must have experienced that enabled them to survive conflict; and drawing lessons for today.

Andy brings a deep knowledge of martial arts and warrior cultures to his classes, and believes that rigorous training in martial arts can help people today to overcome modern obstacles.

Credentials and Experience​:

  • 20+ years’ experience in martial arts including Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Indigenous/Colonial American and European styles

  • Holds the rank of Yondan (4th dan) in the Jinenkan, and serves as the only Canadian Shibu-Cho ("district leader")

  • Trained in tomahawk, bowie knife, war club, long sword, cane, and archery

  • Associate Instructor of Martial Blade Concepts, a system of small personal-knife use and defense, as well as empty-hand tactics

  • Has taught martial arts and combatives seminars to civilians and police personnel across Canada; and in San Diego, New York City, Sweden, and Japan.


maxime chouinardInstructor; Irish Stick Fighting


Maistir Maxime Chouinard has been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years, including Kyokushin Karate, Ryukyu Kobudo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, fencing and Kenjutsu (Shinkendo, Toyama Ryu and Niten Ichi Ryu) which he has taught for 14 years.  Maxime traveled to Ireland in 2007 where he learned Antrim Bata, a traditional style of Bataireacht or Irish stick from Northern Ireland. He since became the technical director or Ardmaistir of the style. 

Maxime works as a museum professional and has been researching the history of martial arts since 2002. He practices Historical European Martial arts such as pugilism, Mexican Bowie, la canne and baton, as well as sabre and broadsword fencing. 

Credentials and Experience​:

  • Ardmáistir Antrim Bata (Irish stick fighting)

  • Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu (Japanese swordsmanship) instructor

  • Shinkendo (Japanese swordsmanship) Instructor

  • Canne de Combat - Red Pommel

  • 19th century martial arts expert

  • Trained in Kyokushin Karate, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Ryukyu Kobujutsu, Awrology

  • B.A. Archaeology - Laval University

  • M.A. Honours Cultural Heritage - Deakin University

Instructor; Shieldmaiden I, Women's Sword and Shield


Marie Primeau-Maurice is an instructional designer and graphic designer and loves to help others find solutions to problems and realize their potential. A former museum technician, she’s had a life-long love of all things ancient, especially the weaponry. Archery and crossbowing have been long-term interests as have bladed weapons.

Having lived with anxiety and depression since childhood, Marie realizes now that she’s always had that inner warrior to have gotten her this far and finding Warriors of the Light has helped her see the immense potential of herself and others.

Life is about evolving and constantly growing. Marie has been a Shieldmaiden since 2017. She’s been studying Martial Blade Concepts and mixed combat weapons since 2018 and loves every minute of it. In 2019, she began teaching Strong Orange Violence Prevention courses with Beth Sturdevant.


Instructor; Women's Sword and Shield Training


Erin Austen is a mechanical-aerospace engineer, long-time archer, and all-around nerd, who loves to focus on the details. An archer for over 20 years, she has experience in multiple forms of archery, including the Japanese form of archery known as Kyudo. She has also been formally trained as an archery coach, with 7 years of experience coaching children and adults at Capital Region Archery Club in Edmonton. In addition, her teaching experience extends to teaching undergraduate mechanical engineering and CAD tutorial workshops. Erin has experience in and enjoys exploring different martial arts, from her early years in Wing Chun Kung Fu, to boxing, North American & Muay Thai kickboxing, and Modern Arnis. She is a graduate of the Shieldmaiden I program and strives to continue to grow as a warrior in all elements of life, building on those foundations. She is also an avid horsewoman experienced in the art of dressage and hopes to one day combine her equestrian and archery skills to take up mounted archery.

Instructor; Shieldmaiden I


Allison has been a part of Warriors of the Light Academy and the Shieldmaiden Program for over 2 years, both as an avid participant, an active Board Member, and now as a facilitator of the Shieldmaiden Level I training (Sunday mornings) and the Warrior Women Circles.
Allison has her Level 3 certification in Quantum Star Shamanic Reiki, is currently studying to become an AngelFire Practitioner through The 8th Fire School of Shamanism, and is about to start the 2-year Earning the Light Shamanism certification training, also through the 8th Fire School of Shamanism.

Allison is a registered Veterinarian technician. She particularly loves using her gifts, skills and knowledge as a Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer and Vet Tech on her horse and the other animals she sees privately.

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Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

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